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1.a mild state of nausea

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  • squeamishly
  • squeamish
  • squealing
  • squealer
  • squeal
  • squeaky
  • squeaking
  • squeaker
  • squeak through
  • squeak by
  • squeegee
  • squeezability
  • squeezable
  • squeeze
  • squeeze box
  • squeeze by
  • squeeze for
  • squeeze out
  • squeeze play
  • squeezer
  • heterocycle
  • coma berenices
  • orasone
  • rhumb line
  • impasto
  • anglophilia
  • atomic number 19
  • olga korbut
  • texture
  • prussian blue

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the verge of (doing something)
    just about to do something
    I was on the verge of quitting my job when I suddenly changed my mind.


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  • Healthy Smiley Face

    Find healthy escapes

    Sometimes life is just too much to deal with. We need to a place where we can feel safe and are able to think clearly. Whether its a hobby, location or just an experience, find that place where you can get away from the trials of life so you can rest and recoup to go back out and hit things head on. Just make sure it is a healthy escape. It can be tempting to escape into those places that are hard to come back from. You will know it when you are in it. Just be clear with yourself that you will only stay if it is truly beneficial to you life.

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