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1.capable of being easily compressed

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  • squeezability
  • squeegee
  • squeamishness
  • squeamishly
  • squeamish
  • squealing
  • squealer
  • squeal
  • squeaky
  • squeaking
  • squeeze
  • squeeze box
  • squeeze by
  • squeeze for
  • squeeze out
  • squeeze play
  • squeezer
  • squeezing
  • squelch
  • squelch circuit
  • advertence
  • hypoglossal nerve
  • inkblot
  • class insecta
  • psaltery
  • eggshell
  • whole lot
  • short covering
  • minority leader
  • clatter

  • Idiom of the Day

    clean up one's act
    to improve one's performance
    The mayor will have to clean up his act if he wants to get elected again.

    She isn't ________ to start driving until next year

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  • Astrology

    Pisces Positive Side

    Pisces ( Feb 19 - Mar 20 ) Positive Side :

    The Piscean can often understand the problems of others quite easily. He has a sympathetic nature. Kindly, he is often dedicated in the way he goes about helping others. The sick and the troubled often turn to him for advice and assistance.
    He is very broadminded and does not criticize others for their faults. He knows how to accept people for what they are. On the whole, he is a trustworthy and earnest person. He is loyal to his friends and will do what he can to help them in time of need. Generous and good-natured, he is a lover of peace; he is often willing to help others solve their differences. People who have taken a wrong turn in life often interest him and he will do what he can to persuade them to rehabilitate themselves.
    He has a strong intuitive sense and most of the time he knows how to make it work for him; the Pisccean is unusually perceptive and often knows what is bothering someone before that person, himself, is aware of it. The Pisces man or woman is an idealistic person, basically, and is interested in making the world a better person, basically, and is interested in making the world a better place in which to live. The Piscean believes that everyone should help each other. He is willing to do more than his share in order to achieve cooperation with others.
    The person born under this sign often is talented in music or art. He is a receptive person; he is able to take the ups and downs of life with philosophic calm.

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