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staghorn moss

1.a variety of clubmoss

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  • staghorn coral
  • staghead
  • staggers
  • staggeringly
  • staggering
  • staggerer
  • staggered head
  • staggered board of directors
  • staggerbush
  • staghorn sumac
  • staghound
  • stagily
  • staginess
  • staging
  • staging area
  • stagira
  • stagirus
  • stagnancy
  • stagnant
  • tecumtha
  • alpha-interferon
  • fan belt
  • dramaturgical
  • southerly
  • volt-ampere
  • grass frog
  • arethusa bulbosa
  • four-lined leaf bug
  • genus areca

  • Idiom of the Day

    help out with (something)
    to assist someone to do something
    I helped out with carrying the luggage of the tour members.

    Would you mind if I ________ the window?

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  • Rules to play Snow Sledding

    Dress to Be Noticed

    Be sure your kids are clad in bright colors and or reflective materials before they head out in the snow Research out of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh found pedestrians are three times more likely to be struck and killed by cars in the weeks after the fall time change, as drivers and walkers struggle to adapt to the changing light. Similarly, slippery roads and glaring snow or midwinter gloom can cause driving problems too. Choose bright outer gear (white is not a good option) with reflective graphics on the front and back, shoes with reflective features, and or place reflective tape on their clothing to ensure theyre seen in all weather conditions.

    Chourishi Systems