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static electricity

1.electricity produced by friction

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  • static
  • statewide
  • stateswoman
  • statesmanship
  • statesmanly
  • statesmanlike
  • statesman
  • states' rights democratic party
  • states' rights
  • states general
  • static line
  • static magnet
  • static tube
  • statically
  • statice
  • statics
  • statin
  • statin drug
  • station
  • station agent
  • levodopa
  • rira
  • begrudge
  • conodonta
  • uvularia grandiflora
  • shilling
  • ice up
  • screwdriver
  • hawky
  • prentice

  • Idiom of the Day

    kick out (someone) or kick (someone) out
    to make someone go or leave, to dismiss someone
    The school kicked out the boy because of his bad behavior.

    You ________ know better than to believe him

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    Madrid Spain

    No one can argue that Spain is the home to some of the finest party cities in the world, and Madrid is certainly one of Spains finest. Home to renowned clubs like Fabrik, Pacha, and Kapital, a night on the town in Madrid is practically a lesson in party history.

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