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1.an upright that is a member in a door or window frame

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  • stilboestrol
  • stilbestrol
  • stilbesterol
  • stigmatize
  • stigmatization
  • stigmatist
  • stigmatism
  • stigmatise
  • stigmatisation
  • stigmatic
  • stiletto
  • stiletto heel
  • still
  • still hunt
  • still life
  • still room
  • still's disease
  • still-fish
  • still-hunt
  • stillbirth
  • dalesman
  • categorization
  • congoo mallee
  • statement
  • libation
  • service cap
  • meltwater
  • without becoming upset
  • theropod
  • dominican peso

  • Idiom of the Day

    keel over
    to turn upside down, to tip over
    The boat keeled over in the middle of the lake but everybody was safe.

    If you avoid people and distractions to do some work, you lock yourself away.

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  • Amazing Science Images You Must See

    Sun splosion

    This visualization shows a coronal mass ejection approaching Venus. Coronal mass ejections are eruptions of solar winds and magnetic fields from the suninto space; they happen every few days to a couple times a day, depending on how active the sun is. Interactions of these CMEs with Earths atmosphere can cause extra strong auroras, or northern (and southern) lights.

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