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1.an upright that is a member in a door or window frame

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  • stilboestrol
  • stilbestrol
  • stilbesterol
  • stigmatize
  • stigmatization
  • stigmatist
  • stigmatism
  • stigmatise
  • stigmatisation
  • stigmatic
  • stiletto
  • stiletto heel
  • still
  • still hunt
  • still life
  • still room
  • still's disease
  • still-fish
  • still-hunt
  • stillbirth
  • yaupon holly
  • dossal
  • jazzy
  • properness
  • beta rhythm
  • organic chemistry
  • pig farm
  • sarcocephalus diderrichii
  • common speedwell
  • typing paper

  • Idiom of the Day

    take out (something) or take (something) out
    to remove something from somewhere, to extract something
    The teacher asked us to take out our books.
    I took out some onions from the refridgerator.

    John: 'I must say you really helped us out when we lost those passports.' Sue: ________

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  • Benefits of Cauliflower

    Cauliflower and Digestive Support

    The fiber content of cauliflowerover 9 grams in every 100 caloriesmakes this cruciferous vegetable a great choice for digestive system support. Yet the fiber content of cauliflower is only one of its digestive support mechanisms. Researchers have determined that the sulforaphane made from a glucosinolate in cauliflower (glucoraphanin) can help protect the lining of your stomach. Sulforaphane provides you with this health benefit by preventing bacterial overgrowth of Helicobacter pylori in your stomach or too much clinging by this bacterium to your stomach wall.

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