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1.fish with the line and bait resting still or stationary in the water

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  • still's disease
  • still room
  • still life
  • still hunt
  • still
  • stiletto heel
  • stiletto
  • stile
  • stilboestrol
  • stilbestrol
  • still-hunt
  • stillbirth
  • stillborn
  • stillborn infant
  • stillness
  • stillroom
  • stillson wrench
  • stilly
  • stilt
  • stilt plover
  • goldenrod
  • charm
  • family burmanniaceae
  • subsidization
  • permissively
  • humpbacked
  • undressed
  • polemonium boreale
  • verbena family
  • quietist

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep up with the news
    to keep informed
    I read the newspaper every morning in order to keep up with the news.

    He congratulated them ________ their engagement.

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  • Benefits of Beetroot

    Improving the digestive health

    Beetroot juice is also associated with improving the digestive health, especially fat digestion as well as bodys metabolism. Beet juice perfectly cleanses intestines, stimulates their performance and improves peristalsis. It also stimulates the nerves in the intestine. It even helps people suffering from hypochlorhydria, a condition which increases stomach acidity. The fiber content in beet keeps waste materials moving through the small and large intestine at a great pace.

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