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strophanthus kombe

1.plant that is a source of strophanthin

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  • strophanthus
  • strophanthin
  • strop
  • strontium 90
  • strontium
  • strontianite
  • strongylodon macrobotrys
  • strongylodon
  • strongroom
  • strongman
  • stropharia
  • stropharia ambigua
  • stropharia hornemannii
  • stropharia rugoso-annulata
  • strophariaceae
  • strophe
  • stroppy
  • struck
  • structural
  • structural anthropology
  • flogging
  • klemens metternich
  • musculus abductor pollicis
  • eastern sioux
  • appetite suppressant
  • hymnal
  • mercury-in-glass thermometer
  • genus melanitta
  • political commissar
  • lorentz force

  • Idiom of the Day

    guest of honor
    the special person for whom a party or ceremony is held
    My father was the guest of honor at the company banquet.

    gainsay is most opposite to

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  • Simple Science

    How to Obtain Carbon Dioxide

    Burning or Oxidation:
    There are several ways in which carbon dioxide can be produced commercially, but for laboratory use the simplest is to mix in a test tube powdered marble, or chalk, and hydrochloric acid, and to collect the effervescing gas as shown in Figure. The substance which remains in the test tube after the gas has passed off is a solution of a salt and water. From a mixture of hydrochloric acid (HCl) and marble are obtained a salt, water, and carbon dioxide, the desired gas.

    FIG. - Making carbon dioxide from marble and hydrochloric acid.

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