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1.an unsteady uneven gait
2.an unintentional but embarrassing blunder stumble v.
1.walk unsteadily
2.miss a step and fall or nearly fall
3.encounter by chance
4.make an error

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  • stultify
  • stultification
  • stuffy
  • stuffing nut
  • stuffing box
  • stuffing
  • stuffiness
  • stuffily
  • stuffer
  • stuffed tomato
  • stumblebum
  • stumbler
  • stumbling
  • stumbling block
  • stump
  • stump speech
  • stump spud
  • stumper
  • stumping
  • stumpknocker
  • microphone boom
  • meringue kiss
  • comprehension
  • curlycup gumweed
  • plasmodiophoraceae
  • tuna oil
  • jean bernoulli
  • winking
  • swage
  • ian lancaster fleming

  • Idiom of the Day

    wet behind the ears
    inexperienced, immature
    The new employee is wet behind the ears and does not know much about his job yet.


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  • Benefits of Cassava

    Rich in Minerals

    Cassava is a good source of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and potassium. These minerals are necessary for proper development, growth and function of your body s tissues. For example, calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth; iron helps in the formation of two proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin which carry oxygen to your body tissues; and manganese helps in the formation of bones, connective tissue and sex hormones. Potassium is necessary for synthesis of proteins and helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates.

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