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subfamily papilionoideae

1.alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae

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  • subfamily numidinae
  • subfamily numididae
  • subfamily nelumbonaceae
  • subfamily mimosoideae
  • subfamily merginae
  • subfamily mephitinae
  • subfamily melolonthidae
  • subfamily melinae
  • subfamily malaconotinae
  • subfamily lutrinae
  • subfamily perdicidae
  • subfamily perdicinae
  • subfamily peristediinae
  • subfamily petauristidae
  • subfamily philadelphaceae
  • subfamily potoroinae
  • subfamily pythoninae
  • subfamily smilacaceae
  • subfamily sterninae
  • subfamily sylviinae
  • the queen city
  • thoriate
  • tiber
  • abstractedness
  • coal car
  • mount orizaba
  • state treasurer
  • pelvic fin
  • kettle
  • genus hottonia

  • Idiom of the Day

    give (something) a whirl
    to attempt to do something
    I decided to give singing a whirl so I joined a singing club.

    She is going ________ the shops

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  • Precautions while using Computer and Laptops

    Get a screen saver for your LED Screen

    Often while moving from one place to the other, we close the laptop and place it into a laptop bag which is cool enough to make the laptop safe. But whats happening inside a close laptop is but discouraging, most of the times your keyboards keys touch the LED and make some slight unseen scratches over it which cant be seen first time but with the passage of time these small scratches become way too visible and make a bad impact on the visibility of the LED screen of your laptop. Thus, to avoid this thing and to make your LED safe from the other kind of small scratches its better to get a screen saver a transparent one of good quality for your laptop and let it pasted on the LED. It will make it safe from any kind of scratches.

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