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subfamily papilionoideae

1.alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae

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  • subfamily numididae
  • subfamily nelumbonaceae
  • subfamily mimosoideae
  • subfamily merginae
  • subfamily mephitinae
  • subfamily melolonthidae
  • subfamily melinae
  • subfamily malaconotinae
  • subfamily lutrinae
  • subfamily perdicidae
  • subfamily perdicinae
  • subfamily peristediinae
  • subfamily petauristidae
  • subfamily philadelphaceae
  • subfamily potoroinae
  • subfamily pythoninae
  • subfamily smilacaceae
  • subfamily sterninae
  • subfamily sylviinae
  • diagnostic test
  • diamond jim brady
  • space helmet
  • swarthy
  • anthracite
  • angelic
  • edward osborne wilson
  • symphysion
  • broad leaved centaury
  • genus serranus

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    drive a hard bargain
    to conclude a bargain without making any concessions
    Although the man drives a hard bargain, I like doing business with him.

    If the Manager acted in time, (a) / the strike would (b) / not have lasted long. (c) /No error (d)

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