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1.a Japanese form of wrestling

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  • sumner
  • summum bonum
  • summons
  • summoning
  • summon
  • summit meeting
  • summit
  • summing up
  • summery
  • summertime
  • sumo wrestler
  • sump
  • sump pump
  • sumpsimus
  • sumpter
  • sumptuary
  • sumptuosity
  • sumptuous
  • sumptuously
  • sumptuousness
  • enamour
  • algerian
  • fast dye
  • family loganiaceae
  • ligneous plant
  • fishing smack
  • grigori efimovich rasputin
  • sarracenia purpurea
  • deliriously
  • stomachache

  • Idiom of the Day

    pull (something) out of a hat
    to get something as if by magic, to invent or imagine something
    The team was able to pull victory out of a hat and win the tournament.

    It's ________ what I have been looking for.

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  • Best Flirting Tips

    Make her feel happy

    Making your crush feel happy when with you should be your first priority if you wish to take the relationship forward. The reason why this is so important is because when you make her feel happy, it instantly makes her feel warm about you. Your girl will automatically become friendlier with you and open up about at least a few of her inner secrets. Gently nudge her into talking about things that make her happy. It could be anything right from exotic vacations to everyday eats. This way you can quickly get into her good books and ask for her phone number.

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