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1.a Japanese form of wrestling

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  • sumner
  • summum bonum
  • summons
  • summoning
  • summon
  • summit meeting
  • summit
  • summing up
  • summery
  • summertime
  • sumo wrestler
  • sump
  • sump pump
  • sumpsimus
  • sumpter
  • sumptuary
  • sumptuosity
  • sumptuous
  • sumptuously
  • sumptuousness
  • genus cliftonia
  • severalise
  • musculus anconeus
  • instructed
  • obsolescent
  • stochastic variable
  • mutton chop
  • genus streptosolen
  • outage
  • republic of croatia

  • Idiom of the Day

    run the gauntlet
    to face a hard test or painful experience
    I had to run the gauntlet of many interviews before I got the job.


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  • Exam Tips

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    A lot of students go wrong because their study has no direction. The reason this technique is so effective is because it forces your teen to think specifically about whats going to come up in the exam. This will focus their study without them even trying.
    Some students fail to think about their study with the exam in mind.
    Unfortunately this means that when theyre in the exam, theyre not sure how to mould what theyve studied to answer exam questions. They dont understand how what theyve studies applies to the question in front of them.
    This exam study technique will prevent your teen from falling victim to this situation. It will help your teen tailor their study to the types of questions that are likely to come up in the exam.

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