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1.at an earlier place

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  • suppurative
  • suppuration
  • suppurating sore
  • suppurate
  • suppressor gene
  • suppressor
  • suppressive fire
  • suppressive
  • suppression
  • suppresser gene
  • supra expressionism
  • suprainfection
  • supranational
  • supranormal
  • supraocular
  • supraorbital
  • supraorbital ridge
  • supraorbital torus
  • supraorbital vein
  • suprarenal gland
  • antioxidant
  • bog rein orchid
  • purple emperor
  • silver certificate
  • air group
  • typical
  • hematochezia
  • hurrying
  • wiped out
  • ecphonesis

  • Idiom of the Day

    favor (someone) with (something)
    to provide someone with something good
    The queen favored the charity workers with her presence.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    My cousin's jail sentence is a (family secret).

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  • Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

    Do a space clearing

    Last but not least do a space clearing Our homes and environments retain the energetic imprint of those that inhabit the spaces It is always good to just take a little time and burn off the old energy to welcome fresh and new chi My favorite methods of space clearing are the following: burn palo santo smudge with white sage or spraying natural orange essential oil with water Palo santo is light and great for everyday use White sage is heavier ? for the heavy duty space clearing And the orange oil is great if you also need something to uplift your mood Whatever you use make sure to imagine the space being filled with positive energy and your dreams for the future

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