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sweet tooth

1.a strong appetite for sweet food

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  • sweet talker
  • sweet talk
  • sweet sultan
  • sweet sorghum
  • sweet shrub
  • sweet scabious
  • sweet sand verbena
  • sweet roll
  • sweet rocket
  • sweet reseda
  • sweet unicorn plant
  • sweet vermouth
  • sweet vetch
  • sweet violet
  • sweet wattle
  • sweet white violet
  • sweet william
  • sweet woodruff
  • sweet wormwood
  • sweet-birch oil
  • gymnocladus
  • thrall
  • creaseless
  • solo blast
  • balkan country
  • isthmus of kra
  • disjointedly
  • ornithorhynchidae
  • poltroonery
  • yelling

  • Idiom of the Day

    jump to conclusions
    to make a quick conclusion about something without thinking about it
    "Please don`t jump to conclusions about who broke the computer."

    I'd buy it if it were ________ expensive.

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