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1.privileged treatment of a favored person or corporation (sometimes unethically) sweetheart n.
1.a person loved by another person
2.any well-liked individual
3.a very attractive or seductive looking woman

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  • sweetening
  • sweetener
  • sweetened
  • sweeten
  • sweetbrier
  • sweetbriar
  • sweetbreads
  • sweetbread
  • sweet-talk
  • sweet-smelling
  • sweetie
  • sweetish
  • sweetleaf
  • sweetleaf family
  • sweetly
  • sweetmeat
  • sweetness
  • sweetness and light
  • sweetpea
  • sweetsop
  • united arab emirates
  • catalonia
  • sensorimotor region
  • supperless
  • human head
  • pushful
  • joint chiefs
  • overturn
  • sympatric
  • order phasmida

  • Idiom of the Day

    have had it with (someone or something)
    to be unable to tolerate someone or something anymore
    I have had it with the girl's constant complaining.

    You risk everything if you ________

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    Biomineral Single Crystals

    Biomineral crystals found in a sea urchin tooth. Geologic or synthetic mineral crystals usually have flat faces and sharp edges, whereas biomineral crystals can have strikingly uncommon forms that have evolved to enhance function. The image here was captured using environmental scanning electron microscopy and false colored. Each color highlights a continuous singlecrystal of calcite (CaCO3) made by the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata, at the forming end of one of its teeth. Together, these biomineral crystals fill space, harden the tooth, and toughen it enough to grind rock.

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