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1.a coupling (as in a chain) that has one end that turns on a headed pin swivel v.
1.turn on a pivot

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  • switzerland
  • swither
  • switchman
  • switching
  • switcheroo
  • switcher
  • switchboard operator
  • switchboard
  • switchblade knife
  • switchblade
  • swivel chair
  • swivel pin
  • swiz
  • swizzle
  • swizzle stick
  • swob
  • swollen
  • swollen-headed
  • swoon
  • swooning
  • metalwork
  • onwards
  • colaptes chrysoides
  • windscreen
  • warn
  • american saddle horse
  • ceylon
  • duc de sully
  • suborder heteroptera
  • red ink

  • Idiom of the Day

    as a result of (something)
    because of something that has happened
    As a result of a car accident my friend could not work for several months.

    Diversity is ________ as important as continuity.

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    Yeti Boots

    this year winter is a tad too severe and you have brought your warmest clothes out to cope with it. But this does not mean that you go the Yeti way to stay warm. Just look at those pink boots in the picture here Yeti boots might be the best way to describe them. That furry, hairy footwear might keep you warm, but they are sure going to tickle your feet to no end and tickle the onlookers ribs too In this image, the pink of the boots stands out a little too starkly against a muted tube train background. Boy, what an eye catcher that footwear is

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