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1.a coupling (as in a chain) that has one end that turns on a headed pin swivel v.
1.turn on a pivot

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  • switzerland
  • swither
  • switchman
  • switching
  • switcheroo
  • switcher
  • switchboard operator
  • switchboard
  • switchblade knife
  • switchblade
  • swivel chair
  • swivel pin
  • swiz
  • swizzle
  • swizzle stick
  • swob
  • swollen
  • swollen-headed
  • swoon
  • swooning
  • catacorner
  • horse opera
  • byron
  • checkroom
  • farm-place
  • casava
  • lysine intolerance
  • larvacean
  • squirming
  • xanthine

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep the ball rolling
    to continue an activity or action, to not allow something that is happening to slow or stop
    We must keep the ball rolling and get our work done now.

    Are we ready to move ________ to the next stage?

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  • Best Beaches

    Columbia River Gorge

    With 292,500 acres in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, its quite evident why this gorge is one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon. Snowcapped and serene, Mount Hood is a dormant volcano surrounded by an immense national forest, making it a perfect area for snow sports, trekking and recreational activities.

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