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1.a coupling (as in a chain) that has one end that turns on a headed pin swivel v.
1.turn on a pivot

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  • switzerland
  • swither
  • switchman
  • switching
  • switcheroo
  • switcher
  • switchboard operator
  • switchboard
  • switchblade knife
  • switchblade
  • swivel chair
  • swivel pin
  • swiz
  • swizzle
  • swizzle stick
  • swob
  • swollen
  • swollen-headed
  • swoon
  • swooning
  • ecumenical movement
  • polenta
  • edouard manet
  • diapason
  • genus hippoglossus
  • quarrel
  • sand cat
  • come through
  • kick one's heels
  • whipping boy

  • Idiom of the Day

    see the light of day
    to be born, to begin
    I do not believe that his plans to build a new house will ever see the light of day.

    There are several matters on which I should like to take ________ concerning your report.

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