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1.simple parasitic fungi including pond scum parasites

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  • synchytriaceae
  • synchrotron
  • synchroscope
  • synchrony
  • synchronously
  • synchronous operation
  • synchronous motor
  • synchronous converter
  • synchronous
  • synchronoscope
  • synchytrium endobioticum
  • synclinal
  • syncopate
  • syncopated
  • syncopation
  • syncopator
  • syncope
  • syncretic
  • syncretical
  • syncretise
  • buttercup family
  • unended
  • source of illumination
  • sorcery
  • mountain rimu
  • immediately
  • lysogeny
  • steam locomotive
  • platform rocker
  • garboard strake

  • Idiom of the Day

    have one's cake and eat it too
    to have something both ways
    The union wants to have their cake and eat it too and will not give up anything during the bad economic times.

    To ________, he failed his exam.

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  • Eye care tips for Computer users

    Distance Gazing

    Rest your gaze on a distant object (if youre indoors, look out a window, if you can). Focus on the object as clearly as possible, while staying relaxed in the eyes and face. Take a deep breath, and then slowly shift your gaze to another distant object around you. Imagine your eyes are gently drinking in the image you see. Continue letting your eyes drift about the world around you, momentarily pausing at objects at varying distances away from you. As an extra bonus, if you spy something particularly pleasing, smile, enjoy the vision, and give thanks for your strong, healthy eyes.

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