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1.overly sweet
2.having a relatively high resistance to flow
3.with honey added

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  • syrup
  • syrrhaptes paradoxus
  • syrrhaptes
  • syrinx
  • syringe
  • syringa vulgaris
  • syringa villosa
  • syringa reticulata
  • syringa persica
  • syringa josikea
  • system
  • system administrator
  • system call
  • system clock
  • system command
  • system error
  • system of logic
  • system of macrophages
  • system of measurement
  • system of numeration
  • zootoxin
  • presentable
  • utterly
  • woolly bear caterpillar
  • wrench
  • bounce
  • presumable
  • family pseudococcidae
  • smotherer
  • peerage

  • Idiom of the Day

    so help me
    I promise, I swear
    "So help me, if you do not pay me back my money I will phone your company."

    (P) when the artist had started
    (Q) singing a popular song
    (R) in chorus
    (S) everyone in the audience joined

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    Crotons are tender perennial plants that will grow to three feet tall or more. They are most often grown as house plants or in a greenhouse environment. Their thick, glossy foliage is brightly colored in combinations and shades of red, yellow, pink, orange, burgundy, bronze or green.

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