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  • taffy apple
  • taffy
  • taffrail log
  • taffrail
  • taffeta weave
  • tagalog
  • tagalong
  • tagamet
  • tagasaste
  • tagetes erecta
  • tagetes patula
  • tageteste
  • tagged
  • tagliatelle
  • taguan
  • arms industry
  • unpresidential
  • cirsium flodmanii
  • geryon
  • ichthyosauria
  • nike
  • heracleum
  • banzai charge
  • lo/ovral
  • psychiatry

  • Idiom of the Day

    pack them in
    to attract a lot of people
    The new restaurant is able to pack them in with its new and exciting menu.

    In the 1970s she ________________flared trousers like everybody else

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  • Benefits of Onions

    Use as food source

    Onions are primarily used as a food source, in cooking as the start off ingredient in Indian and other Asian cooking, in making onion soups and chutneys, raw in salads and as pickles in vinega. Onions are a major source of polyphenols in general, and also of flavonoids (a very important subdivision of polyphenols). They can also vary greatly in their polyphenol and flavonoid content. In general, red onions are higher in total flavonoids than white onions, (with yellow onions falling somewhere in between).

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