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take to the woods


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  • take to heart
  • take to be
  • take to
  • take time off
  • take time by the forelock
  • take the veil
  • take the stand
  • take the stage
  • take the road
  • take the floor
  • take turns
  • take up
  • take up arms
  • take water
  • take-away
  • take-home
  • take-home pay
  • take-in
  • take-up
  • takeaway
  • basely
  • bobbin
  • drily
  • secretary bird
  • thorstein bunde veblen
  • titanium oxide
  • hobbyist
  • toda
  • low sunday
  • liquidness

  • Idiom of the Day

    eat dirt
    to accept another`s insults or bad treatment
    The accountant had to eat dirt because of the problems that he had caused.

    He always sings ________ the shower

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    The high fiber content of the fruit

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