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take up arms

1.commence hostilities

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  • take up
  • take turns
  • take to the woods
  • take to heart
  • take to be
  • take to
  • take time off
  • take time by the forelock
  • take the veil
  • take the stand
  • take water
  • take-away
  • take-home
  • take-home pay
  • take-in
  • take-up
  • takeaway
  • takedown
  • takelma
  • taken
  • ground zero
  • hindi
  • horse gram
  • moor-bird
  • diplomatic pouch
  • scrimpy
  • hudsonia tomentosa
  • leopard lily
  • intoxication
  • dunghill

  • Idiom of the Day

    cash cow
    a good source of money
    The new business is a cash cow and is making much money.

    Jill: 'What's your view of what's coming next?' Frank: ________

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  • Selfie Ideas

    Show Your Sense of Humor

    Serious self portraits are hard to take. Its very easy to miss the mark. It takes a lot practice.
    Instead, approach your next selfie with a healthy dose of levity. Being funny is easier to pull off because theres a certain universality about humor. Funny is funny.

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