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1.a member of a North American Indian people of southwestern Oregon
2.a Penutian language spoken by the Takelma people

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  • takedown
  • takeaway
  • take-up
  • take-in
  • take-home pay
  • take-home
  • take-away
  • take water
  • take up arms
  • take up
  • taken
  • taken for granted
  • taken over
  • taken up
  • taken with
  • takeoff
  • takeoff booster
  • takeoff rocket
  • takeout
  • takeout food
  • attentional
  • haliaeetus leucorhyphus
  • lilium auratum
  • amygdaloid
  • greeley
  • bichromated
  • fall guy
  • splashed
  • ledgeman
  • helen porter mitchell

  • Idiom of the Day

    punch a hole in (something)
    to make a hole in something
    I used a hole puncher to punch a hole in the sheet of paper.

    Today it is not hot, it is ________ .

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  • Top American Roadside Attractions

    Biosphere 2 Oracle Ariz

    Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Ariz., is a spaceship like glass facility, elevated on a ridge nearly 4,000 feet above sea level at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains. You can learn about the past and future of our planet there, and be sure to visit the Phoenix Mars Lander exhibit, which holds the spacecraft that landed on Mars in 2008. TIME LIFE Books named the site a scenic drive north of Tucson one of the 50 wonders of the world.

    Chourishi Systems