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tape deck

1.electronic equipment for making or playing magnetic tapes (but without amplifiers or speakers)

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  • tape cartridge
  • tape
  • tapdance
  • tapa
  • tap-off
  • tap wrench
  • tap water
  • tap out
  • tap house
  • tap dancing
  • tape drive
  • tape grass
  • tape machine
  • tape measure
  • tape player
  • tape record
  • tape recorder
  • tape recording
  • tape transport
  • tape-recorded
  • delay
  • annamese
  • screamer
  • stylus printer
  • publishing company
  • class chilopoda
  • harry bridges
  • fundulus heteroclitus
  • stage door
  • myenteric plexus

  • Idiom of the Day

    on one's chest
    thoughts or feelings that are worrying you and that you might need to share with someone else
    I had a long talk with my friend last night because I had many problems on my chest.

    Atlantic Ocean

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  • Home Design Ideas

    Sew your own slipcover

    I like to make simple slipcovers for the square headboard on my bed. Just get a great piece of fabric, cut out a front and a back, and stitch them together. I might do white linen in the summer, velvet in winter.

    Chourishi Systems