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tape deck

1.electronic equipment for making or playing magnetic tapes (but without amplifiers or speakers)

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  • tape cartridge
  • tape
  • tapdance
  • tapa
  • tap-off
  • tap wrench
  • tap water
  • tap out
  • tap house
  • tap dancing
  • tape drive
  • tape grass
  • tape machine
  • tape measure
  • tape player
  • tape record
  • tape recorder
  • tape recording
  • tape transport
  • tape-recorded
  • heftiness
  • overexert
  • genus morus
  • genus meconopsis
  • passive air defense
  • radio receiver
  • battle of ivry
  • downy
  • world war 1
  • tharp

  • Idiom of the Day

    set the stage for (something)
    to prepare for something
    The win by our team set the stage for the final championship game next month.

    After the allotted (a) / time was over (b) / they torn off all (c) / the papers which they had used. (d) / No error (e)

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