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1.a fertile plain on the Aegean Sea in east central Greece

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  • thespis
  • thespian
  • thespesia populnea
  • thespesia
  • thesis
  • theseus
  • thesaurus
  • theropoda
  • theropod dinosaur
  • theropod
  • thessalonian
  • thessalonica
  • thessaloniki
  • thessaly
  • theta
  • theta rhythm
  • theta wave
  • thetis
  • theurgy
  • thevetia
  • cosmologist
  • nestor paz zamora commission
  • mountain oak
  • diethylmalonylurea
  • vocalize
  • prognosticative
  • charity
  • place of origin
  • leishmaniasis americana
  • nol. pros.

  • Idiom of the Day

    take back (something) or take (something) back
    to return a bought or borrowed item to the place where you got it
    I need to take back some books to the library.

    Mike: 'I'm taking my driving test tomorrow.' Jane:________

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  • Dangerous Situations And How To Escape

    School Shooting

    Security consultant John Nicoletti has done a lot of research on school shootings and he found 4 things that increased students probability of survival. As dumb as it sounds number one is get away (remember to zig zag.). Obviously this gives you best chance of making it to your next birthday but many times its not possible. Number two is barricade the door. If you create an obstacle the gunman will likely not waste his time with it. But if he gets through and you may have to resort to number three

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