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thin out

1.make sparse
2.become sparser
3.lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture

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  • thin air
  • thin
  • thimerosal
  • thimbleweed
  • thimblerig
  • thimbleful
  • thimbleberry
  • thimble
  • thill
  • thighbone
  • thin person
  • thin-leaved bilberry
  • thin-leaved stringybark
  • thin-shelled mussel
  • thin-skinned
  • thing
  • thing-in-itself
  • thingamabob
  • thingamajig
  • thingmabob
  • coeloglossum bracteatum
  • high-low
  • mah-jongg
  • queen dowager
  • health
  • lymphoid tissue
  • wash away
  • sambucus nigra
  • south frigid zone
  • excitation

  • Idiom of the Day

    fine print
    the part of a document that you cannot easily notice because of the small size of the print but which often contains very important information
    I read the fine print on the contract before I signed it.

    Post it _________ as soon as you can, please.

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  • Home Design Ideas

    Bake a cake

    Buy a cherry red mixer from Williams Sonoma and bake a cake. Its a very 1950s fantasy. Even if you never bake, it would cheer up your kitchen.

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