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thrown and twisted

1.twisted together

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  • thrown
  • throwing stick
  • throwing board
  • throwing away
  • thrower
  • throwback
  • throwaway
  • throw-weight
  • throw-in
  • throw up
  • thrown-away
  • throwster
  • thrum
  • thrush
  • thrush nightingale
  • thrust
  • thrust ahead
  • thrust bearing
  • thrust fault
  • thrust out
  • shastan
  • bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich
  • clear the air
  • stertor
  • violin
  • isatis tinctoria
  • bump
  • mantic
  • convict
  • chop steak

  • Idiom of the Day

    have eyes in the back of one's head
    to be able to sense what is going on where you cannot see
    The man has eyes in the back of his head and knows everything that is going on.

    Most students have to try and earn extra money by taking a holiday job. They turn ________ their studies and experience the real world for a while.

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  • Rules to play Speed Skating

    Cutting the lines

    Skaters are not allowed to cross the inner line of the curve at either end of the oval as defined by movable blocks placed on the ice to shorten the distance of the race. A violation of this rule may result in disqualification.

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