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tobacco shop

1.a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes

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  • tobacco pipe
  • tobacco moth
  • tobacco mosaic virus
  • tobacco mosaic
  • tobacco mildew
  • tobacco juice
  • tobacco industry
  • tobacco hornworm
  • tobacco budworm
  • tobacco thrips
  • tobacco user
  • tobacco wilt
  • tobacconist
  • tobacconist shop
  • tobago
  • tobagonian
  • tobey
  • tobias george smollett
  • tobias smollett
  • nonreticulate
  • l-dopa
  • turning point
  • tentaculata
  • neural arch
  • lohan
  • selaginellales
  • preparation fire
  • underspend
  • first estate

  • Idiom of the Day

    spoon-feed (someone)
    to make something very easy for someone
    He is a very strict teacher and never likes to spoon-feed his students.

    In a(n) ________ expression of pleasure, the infant clapped her hands and squealed with joy.

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  • Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

    Reduce the voltage

    Reduce the voltage Using lower voltages can reduce or eliminate the risks of electric shocks and burns: 1 portable tools are available which can be run from a 110 volts, centre tapped to earth supply, (usually from a transformer) 2 where electrically powered tools are used, battery operated are safest. 3 temporary lighting can be run at lower voltages, e.g. 12, 25, 50 or 110 volts.

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