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tobacco shop

1.a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes

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  • tobacco pipe
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  • tobacco mosaic
  • tobacco mildew
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  • tobacco budworm
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  • tobacco user
  • tobacco wilt
  • tobacconist
  • tobacconist shop
  • tobago
  • tobagonian
  • tobey
  • tobias george smollett
  • tobias smollett
  • overstated
  • actaea alba
  • scarlet pimpernel
  • dhu al-qadah
  • gin and it
  • heavyweight
  • numismatics
  • os temporale
  • pseudophloem
  • cooperstown

  • Idiom of the Day

    strike a chord with (someone)
    to remind someone of something, to be familiar to someone, to evoke a reaction/response/emotion
    The song on the radio struck a chord with me and reminded me of my university days.
    The name does not strike a chord with me.

    Which is the correct spelling?

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