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1.a doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research

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  • tojo hideki
  • tojo eiki
  • tojo
  • toitoi
  • toilsomeness
  • toilsome
  • toiling
  • toilette
  • toiletry
  • toiletries
  • tokay
  • toke
  • token
  • token economy
  • token money
  • token payment
  • tokenish
  • tokio
  • toklas
  • tokyo
  • andropogon scoparius
  • lexicalisation
  • therapeutic rehabilitation
  • condensate
  • anesthesia
  • illyrian
  • cholesterin
  • first earl of orford
  • genus lama
  • weirdly

  • Idiom of the Day

    take up (something) or take (something) up
    to begin an activity or hobby
    My father has much free time and has decided to take up fishing as a hobby.


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  • XMas Bucket List

    Go Christmas Carolling

    If you are feeling very festive this year you could take your friends and family around your local area and do some carol singing; just make sure you know the words and can keep in tune at least a little. The days of Christmas Carolling are dying out year after year, but there is no reason why you cant still go out and do your own thing. Maybe you could do it in aid of a local or national charity, or maybe you just want to spread the Christmas cheer? Whatever your reasons are and no matter where you do it, this is still a time honored tradition and really gets everyone in a festive mood. If you would like to do some Christmas singing then make sure everyone knows the words you can more than likely find every single Christmas carol known to man here on the internet but there is nothing saying you cant do a modern variation and sing some more recent number one Christmas hits instead. Just have fun.

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