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tower mustard

1.or genus Arabis: erect cress widely distributed throughout Europe
2.European cress having stiff erect stems

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  • tower
  • towelling
  • toweling
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  • towel rail
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  • towheaded
  • towhee
  • towing line
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  • cheap money
  • de-access
  • tussur
  • class cryptophyceae
  • bronchus
  • mutton snapper
  • concretely
  • tod
  • emmenthaler
  • splitsaw

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the trail/track of (someone or something)
    seeking someone or something
    The police dogs were on the trail of the bank robber.

    People all over the world have ________ Agatha Christie's stories.

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  • Rules to play Figure Skating

    Ice theatre

    Ice theatre (also known as theatre on ice, TOI, and ballet on ice) is a branch of figure skating which merges the technical jumps and spins with unique choreography, ice dancing, pairs moves, synchronized skating, and theater to tell a story or act out an emotion or idea. It is a relatively new branch of figure skating, but it is also growing quickly.[1] Ice Theatre can be enjoyed by the youngest to the oldest and brings out the more artistic side of figure skating.This article focuses on ice theatre as a competitive discipline for amateur or recreational skaters. Ice Theatre can also refer to professional skating ensembles such as the John Curry Company, Ice Theatre of New York, The Next Ice Age, Seattle Ice Theatre, Ice Semble Chicago and American Ice Theatre that perform classical ballet or modern dance on ice in a concert or show setting, much like a professional dance troupe. These companies are typically organized as not for profit and provide community outreach and education programs.

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