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1.someone who tracks down game

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  • tracked vehicle
  • tracked
  • trackball
  • trackable
  • track-to-track seek time
  • track star
  • track record
  • track meet
  • track event
  • track down
  • tracking
  • tracklayer
  • trackless
  • trackless trolley
  • tract
  • tract house
  • tract housing
  • tractability
  • tractable
  • tractableness
  • roman catholic church
  • ramachandra
  • fescue grass
  • voraciousness
  • flattened
  • hydroelectric turbine
  • good samaritan
  • paterfamilias
  • canonisation
  • directly

  • Idiom of the Day

    go through channels or go through the proper channels
    to use the proper procedures to do something (especially in a hierarchy or bureaucracy)
    We must go through the proper channels to get anything done with the city.

    (P) will normally be granted
    (Q) candidates should note
    (R) that no request for
    (S) change of centre

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