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traffic cop

1.a policeman who controls the flow of automobile traffic

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  • traffic
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  • trafalgar
  • traducer
  • traducement
  • traduce
  • traditionally
  • traditionality
  • traffic court
  • traffic island
  • traffic jam
  • traffic lane
  • traffic light
  • traffic pattern
  • traffic signal
  • trafficator
  • trafficker
  • tragacanth
  • tiger cowrie
  • viceroy
  • stretcher party
  • foot
  • get worse
  • lesser wintergreen
  • false buckthorn
  • philatelically
  • vinyl ether
  • flying dragon

  • Idiom of the Day

    lose one's cool
    to lose one's temper, to become angry
    The saleswoman lost her cool during a meeting with the chief supplier.

    Twelve years of effort and struggle were ________when the foundation stone for the new theater was laid.

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