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traffic cop

1.a policeman who controls the flow of automobile traffic

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  • traffic control
  • traffic circle
  • traffic
  • trafalgar square
  • trafalgar
  • traducer
  • traducement
  • traduce
  • traditionally
  • traditionality
  • traffic court
  • traffic island
  • traffic jam
  • traffic lane
  • traffic light
  • traffic pattern
  • traffic signal
  • trafficator
  • trafficker
  • tragacanth
  • bastion
  • hunch
  • castling
  • ziegler
  • ping-pong table
  • book of joel
  • northbound
  • add together
  • mongrelise
  • rye whisky

  • Idiom of the Day

    clear up (something) or clear (something) up
    to solve or explain (a problem etc.)
    We cleared up the problem that we were having with our computers. .

    Go to the ___ of the road and turn left.

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  • Benefits of Beetroot

    Treats anaemia

    It is a common myth that because beetroot is reddish in colour, it replaces lost blood and is therefore good to treat anaemia. While this may sound a bit outrageous to many, there is a partial truth hidden in the myth. Beetroot contains a lot of iron. Iron helps in the formation of haemagglutinin, which is a part of the blood that helps transport oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body. It is the iron content and not the colour that helps treat anaemia. Read more about the causes of anaemia.

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