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tragulus javanicus

1.chevrotain somewhat larger than the kanchil

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  • tragulus
  • tragulidae
  • tragopogon pratensis
  • tragopogon porrifolius
  • tragopogon dubius
  • tragopogon
  • tragopan
  • tragicomical
  • tragicomic
  • tragicomedy
  • tragulus kanchil
  • tragus
  • trail
  • trail bike
  • trail boss
  • trail head
  • trail riding
  • trailblazer
  • trailer
  • trailer camp
  • iroquoian language
  • type o
  • ebenaceae
  • sign off
  • cichlidae
  • krypterophaneron
  • intermediate temporal artery
  • fibroma
  • staghound
  • stuffed shirt

  • Idiom of the Day

    nurse a grudge
    to keep a feeling of dislike toward someone
    My old boyfriend is still nursing a grudge toward me after three years.

    With such poor sales figures, they're ________ to go bankrupt sooner or later.

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    Tennessee Titans

    Those running the Tennessee Titans are hoping that the club has the league s next big thing at the quarterback position. Marcus Mariota has impressed since his early days in the NFL, and he posted what was, according to the stats, a perfect performance versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his official regular season debut. No reasonable individual is preparing a parade in Tennessee or a Hall of Fame speech for Mariota in September of this year, but the product of the University of Oregon seems to have the goods to consistently win on Sundays so long as he can avoid the issues that often plague young quarterbacks.Current Value: $1.49 Billion

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