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trail bike

1.a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension

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  • trail
  • tragus
  • tragulus kanchil
  • tragulus javanicus
  • tragulus
  • tragulidae
  • tragopogon pratensis
  • tragopogon porrifolius
  • tragopogon dubius
  • tragopogon
  • trail boss
  • trail head
  • trail riding
  • trailblazer
  • trailer
  • trailer camp
  • trailer park
  • trailer truck
  • trailhead
  • trailing
  • blissfully
  • military volunteer
  • fromental halevy
  • fructification
  • bell-bottom
  • krakatoa
  • klondike
  • pastiche
  • labor department
  • supposedly

  • Idiom of the Day

    become of (someone or something)
    to happen to someone or something
    I do not know what became of my pencil.
    I do not know what became of my friend from high school.

    Samantha had an ________ trust in her grandfather, who was an honorable man and kind to everyone he met.

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  • Xmas Party Ideas

    Get what you really want gift game

    Have each person bring a wrapped gift for himself. Gifts are all mixed up and passed out. Everyone opens one gift, then must guess who bought it. Have a list of everyone at the party so people can write down their guesses. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins. To spice it up, have everyone donate $1 to the pot. The winner gets the pot.

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