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tramp steamer

1.a commercial steamer for hire

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  • tramp down
  • tramontane
  • tramontana
  • trammels
  • trammel net
  • trammel
  • tramline
  • tramcar
  • tram
  • tralatitious
  • tramp's spurge
  • tramper
  • trample
  • trampled
  • trampler
  • trampling
  • trampoline
  • tramway
  • trance
  • trancelike
  • warhorse
  • katamorphism
  • theobroma cacao
  • roy chapman andrews
  • theta rhythm
  • dobson
  • rigamarole
  • unearned increment
  • aliquant
  • bowery

  • Idiom of the Day

    stand in for (someone)
    to be a substitute for someone
    The new actor stood in for the famous actor who was sick.

    ________ you're late, I'll leave without you.

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    Alzheimerands disease

    It believed that with more research and studies, Yams and sweet potatoes alike will someday give us the answer and the medicine to cure this very debilitating disease. Yams are grown throughout Africa, but Nigeria is the worldands most prolific producer, exporting to 70% of the world market. Close to 200 species of yams are eaten worldwide, but other than those found wrapped individually in supermarkets, they arenandt easily found on American produce shelves. Popular varieties include Hawaiian yam, Korean yam, and sweet yam.

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