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travel along

1.travel along a certain course

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  • undersell
  • stercolith
  • tenrec
  • rust-free
  • triumphal
  • systematic
  • gaming card
  • wifelike

  • Idiom of the Day

    put forth (an idea/plan/suggestion)
    to propose something, to suggest something
    Our teacher put forth a very good idea about the exams.

    She went out ________ the rain.

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  • Mythic Creatures That Never Existed But People Believed In Anyway


    The legend of the Kraken came from the Nordic seas and its presence was initially limited to the coasts of Norway and Iceland. With time, however, its notoriety grew, thanks to the wild imagination of storytellers, which caused later generations to believe it also lived in other seas as well. The Norwegian fishermen originally described the sea monster as a gigantic animal that was as big as an island and presented danger to passing ships not from direct attack but from the giant waves and tsunamis that its movements could cause. Quickly, however, people began spreading stories about the monster s vicious attacks and aggressive behavior, which destroyed every ship that had the misfortune of passing through its waters. As for modern historians, they seem to be pretty sure that the Kraken was nothing more than some giant squid and the rest of the stories were nothing but the sci fi creation of a wild imagination.

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