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treadmill test

1.a stress test in which the patient walks on a moving treadmill while the heart and breathing rates are monitored

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  • treadmill
  • treadle
  • treading water
  • tread-wheel
  • tread-softly
  • tread on
  • tread down
  • tread
  • treacly
  • treacle
  • treadwheel
  • treason
  • treasonable
  • treasonably
  • treasonist
  • treasonous
  • treasure
  • treasure chest
  • treasure flower
  • treasure house
  • spiral
  • practical application
  • slam
  • newt
  • eolithic
  • butterweed
  • outlander
  • order urodella
  • tam
  • empiricist

  • Idiom of the Day

    straighten out (someone or something) or straighten (someone or something) out
    to cause someone's bad behavior to improve, to organize or fix something that is in confusion or disorder
    I went to the bank to straighten out the problem with my credit card.

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  • What to Eat in Uttara khand


    It is a sweet and salty dish, which is usually served as an accompaniment to the main meals. Initially, no salt or sugar is added to the Palau, but you can choose to use the salt or sugar according to your individual taste. The dish is a favorite of the visitors to the state, and is largely relished by the local inhabitants as well.Palau is specialty of Uttarakhand, and is scarcely found anywhere else in its true form. It involves the use of local ingredients, especially the jhangora that is a cereal found exclusively of the slopes of Uttarakhand. The ingredients required to prepare the dish known as palau of Uttarakhand

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