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1.a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

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  • trochanter
  • trochaic
  • troat
  • trna
  • trm
  • trivially
  • trivialize
  • triviality
  • trivialise
  • trivial
  • trochee
  • trochilidae
  • trochlear
  • trochlear nerve
  • trochlearis
  • trodden
  • trofim denisovich lysenko
  • trogium
  • trogium pulsatorium
  • troglodyte
  • family tulostomataceae
  • british
  • ripple-grass
  • gasterosteus pungitius
  • palaetiology
  • nurser
  • gouge out
  • groundsel tree
  • accipitrine
  • cow pony

  • Idiom of the Day

    take a hard line (with someone)
    to be firm with someone, to have a firm policy for dealing with someone
    The company takes a hard line with people who come to work late.

    Because after the news Penny and I are ________ on a date.

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  • Best Honeymoon Spots in India

    Udaipur Rajasthan

    Forts, lakes, mountains, food, luxury, royalty and you all the ingredients of a memorable honeymoon. With Rajasthans royal setting, you can really never go wrong, but Udaipur really ups the ante. Mount Abu is just close by, for those who would still prefer a hill station, along with their regal fare.

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