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1.a native or inhabitant of the Ukraine

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  • ukrainian
  • ukraine
  • uke
  • ukase
  • uk
  • uintatherium
  • uintatheriidae
  • uintathere
  • uigur
  • uighur
  • ukranian monetary unit
  • ukrayina
  • ukulele
  • ulaanbaatar
  • ulalgia
  • ulama
  • ulan bator
  • ulanova
  • ulatrophia
  • ulcer
  • catasetum macrocarpum
  • lotus tetragonolobus
  • athene
  • anaphoric relation
  • ancistrodon
  • brace oneself for
  • grad school
  • chromaesthesia
  • apportionable
  • tirelessly

  • Idiom of the Day

    make oneself conspicuous
    to attract attention to oneself
    The man made himself conspicuous by wearing the colorful sports jacket.

    John: 'And as a special thank you for all you've done, we're treating you to a meal out.' Sue: ________

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  • Good Luck Charms From Around The World

    Imperial Guardian Lion

    Imperial Garden Lions, also called Fu dogs, are seen throughout Asia, especially China. The statues are generally placed in a pair outside one s home to ward off burglars and thieves (especially for the wealthy) which is why they re often seen outside of palaces and temples.

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