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1.a native or inhabitant of the Ukraine

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  • ukrainian
  • ukraine
  • uke
  • ukase
  • uk
  • uintatherium
  • uintatheriidae
  • uintathere
  • uigur
  • uighur
  • ukranian monetary unit
  • ukrayina
  • ukulele
  • ulaanbaatar
  • ulalgia
  • ulama
  • ulan bator
  • ulanova
  • ulatrophia
  • ulcer
  • earthen
  • copper beech
  • tinker
  • family belostomatidae
  • lactarius delicioso
  • decompress
  • figment
  • revenue stamp
  • center
  • illiterate person

  • Idiom of the Day

    a penny for one`s thoughts
    the telling to others of what you are thinking about
    "A penny for your thoughts," the girl said as she saw her boyfriend looking out the window.

    The soldier ________ a flower on his uniform.

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