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1.a native or inhabitant of the Ukraine

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  • ukrainian
  • ukraine
  • uke
  • ukase
  • uk
  • uintatherium
  • uintatheriidae
  • uintathere
  • uigur
  • uighur
  • ukranian monetary unit
  • ukrayina
  • ukulele
  • ulaanbaatar
  • ulalgia
  • ulama
  • ulan bator
  • ulanova
  • ulatrophia
  • ulcer
  • cuddle
  • hick
  • vidua
  • olein
  • eye socket
  • washable
  • azerbaijani
  • java finch
  • belly laugh
  • testicular cancer

  • Idiom of the Day

    make an issue of (something)
    to make something into an important matter
    Our supervisor often tries to make an issue of something that is not important at all.

    With the advancement of winter, (a) the days grow shorter (b) / while the nights grow longer. (c) / No error (d)

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  • Rules to play Gymnastics

    Still rings

    Two parallel rings 50cm apart, suspended from a cable and straps and held, one in each hand, for a series of exercises in mens artistic gymnastics particularly requiring stillness of the body; also called the rings.

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