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1.(of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims
2.free from clouds
3.not mentally disordered
4.not made opaque or cloudy by sediment

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  • unclothed
  • unclothe
  • unclogged
  • unclog
  • uncloak
  • unclipped
  • unclip
  • unclimbable
  • unclearness
  • uncleared
  • uncloudedness
  • unclutter
  • uncluttered
  • unco
  • uncoated
  • uncoerced
  • uncoil
  • uncoiled
  • uncollected
  • uncollectible
  • in everyone's thoughts
  • harriet beecher stowe
  • remains
  • communicator
  • thermostat
  • common scold
  • domestic help
  • majestically
  • azygos vein
  • spoilsport

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the same page
    thinking similarly about something
    I was on the same page as my friend about our plans for a holiday.

    How ________ time do you have left before you have to go to school?

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  • Precautions while using Garden Tools

    Fertilizer spreader

    There are two types of Fertilizer Spreaders, Drop Spreaders and Broadcast Spreaders. Drop Spreaders distribute the fertilizer from a large capacity hopper onto an auger that drops the material through calibrated, adjustable holes. Maximum coverage is based on the width of the spreader. Broadcast Spreaders generally have a smaller capacity, but are able to broadcast the fertilizer up to a five foot path by dropping the appropriate amount of fertilizer onto a spinning horizontal disc.

    Chourishi Systems