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1.not correspondent

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  • unconfirmed
  • unconfined
  • unconfident
  • unconfessed
  • unconditioned reflex
  • unconditioned
  • unconditionally
  • unconditional
  • unconcernedly
  • unconcerned
  • unconformist
  • unconfused
  • uncongenial
  • uncongeniality
  • unconnected
  • unconnectedness
  • unconquerable
  • unconquered
  • unconscientious
  • unconscientiousness
  • art history
  • dishpan
  • film festival
  • macaque
  • stenosis
  • meadowgrass
  • advertency
  • schinus terebinthifolius
  • granada
  • chavez

  • Idiom of the Day

    a sitting duck
    an unsuspecting person who is easily fooled - as if he or she were waiting to be attacked
    The woman was a sitting duck for the thief when she sat on the bench next to her purse.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    I wish that my boss would (leave me alone) and stop asking me about my work.

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    How about getting mehendi done on Karva Chauth.If you are not aware of Karva Chauth, it is a one day festival celebrated by married woman of North India and Gujarat.After a whole day of fasting, the women look at the Moonthrough the sieve and then look at their husbands.They pray for the long life for their husband and also ask for divine blessings for their wellbeing.This festival is popularized by films and is given a romantic connotation.Mehendi is done a day before Karva Chauth.Women literally compete with each other and flaunt their designs, it is a great way to bond with friends and family. Here one design we loved, it has beautiful and intricate d motifs all over the hand.The gaps in between the designs add to its beauty.These full hand designs will also suite brides and occasions of weddings.

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