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1.lacking warmth or friendliness

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  • uncoordinated
  • uncooperative
  • uncool
  • uncooked
  • unconvincingly
  • unconvincing
  • unconvinced
  • unconvertible
  • unconverted
  • unconventionally
  • uncork
  • uncorrectable
  • uncorrected
  • uncorrelated
  • uncorroborated
  • uncorrupted
  • uncounted
  • uncouple
  • uncoupled
  • uncousinly
  • trogium pulsatorium
  • subalpine larch
  • esophageal reflux
  • parmenides
  • sportsmanlike
  • indian shot
  • insistence
  • eurocentric
  • genus sida
  • subsidized

  • Idiom of the Day

    put the words into (someone`s) mouth
    to say or suggest something for someone else, to speak for someone else without his or her permission
    My friend always wants to put the words into my mouth before I have a chance to speak.

    If an organisation is tolerant of different views and opinions, it is a ________ church.

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  • Rules to play Bungee Jumping


    Whether you will only ever be a client or actually have an interest in becoming a professional, comprehensive training courses are a good idea for the avid bungee jumping enthusiast. They are generally comprised of three parts
    Rescue training
    Bungee training
    Apprenticeship period
    Topics covered include inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of harnessing and other freefall hardware procedures, slings and webbing, and retrieval vessels, as well as specifications of jump spaces and safety spaces.Any such courses should meet or exceed specifications set by governing bodies, and enable independent, safe operation by the time of completion.

    Chourishi Systems