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1.in an undiplomatic manner

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  • undiplomatic
  • undine
  • undimmed
  • undiminished
  • undiluted
  • undignified
  • undigested
  • undifferentiated
  • undies
  • undiagnosed
  • undirected
  • undiscerning
  • undischarged
  • undiscipline
  • undisciplined
  • undisclosed
  • undiscouraged
  • undiscoverable
  • undiscovered
  • undiscriminating
  • richard evelyn byrd
  • gentian
  • cranberry juice
  • doodia
  • farrell
  • gentleness
  • olm
  • binge-purge syndrome
  • oculomotor
  • leg covering

  • Idiom of the Day

    something that is given away free, an act of giving something away, an unintential betrayal of a secret or repressed feeling or plan
    Our supervisor's speech was a giveaway. Now, I know that he is planning to retire.

    If something is just a question of time, it is certain to happen.

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