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1.not firmly placed or set or fastened
2.lacking definition or definite content

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  • unfitting
  • unfitness
  • unfit
  • unfirm
  • unfinished business
  • unfinished
  • unfilmed
  • unfilled
  • unfiled
  • unfettered
  • unflagging
  • unflappable
  • unflattering
  • unflavored
  • unflavoured
  • unflawed
  • unfledged
  • unflinching
  • unfluctuating
  • unflurried
  • hyena
  • terminal emulation
  • pontoon bridge
  • news agency
  • sacco
  • genus stenopelmatus
  • hadrosauridae
  • golden saxifrage
  • branta leucopsis
  • johann bernoulli

  • Idiom of the Day

    You tell`em!
    used to agree with or encourage someone in what they are saying
    "You tell`em," I yelled to the politician who was making the speech.

    Some people only read the ________ lines in a newspaper.

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  • Easy Tricks To Do Professional Makeup

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