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1.take back what one has said

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  • unsavoury
  • unsavory
  • unsavoriness
  • unsaved
  • unsaturated fatty acid
  • unsaturated
  • unsatisfying
  • unsatisfied
  • unsatisfiable
  • unsatisfactory
  • unscalable
  • unscathed
  • unscheduled
  • unscholarly
  • unschooled
  • unscientific
  • unscientifically
  • unscramble
  • unscrew
  • unscripted
  • to the letter
  • employment interview
  • mary leontyne price
  • biaxial
  • urocystis cepulae
  • date of reference
  • anointer
  • pharyngeal recess
  • dish-shaped
  • beefy

  • Idiom of the Day

    after the fact
    after something has happened
    The man said that he was sorry but it was after the fact. He had already caused many problems. .


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  • Benefits of Maizes

    Benefits of Corn for Digestive System

    Its high availability of insoluble dietary fibers makes it able to nourish the lower digestive tract means large intestine as well as enhances the population of friendly bacteria. It lowers the risk of colon cancer by organizing the functioning of intestinal cells if eaten on regular basis. Insoluble dietary fibers regularize the food digestion and prevents from constipation and hemorrhoids by enhancing the absorption of water in large intestine. It normalizes the bowel movements, intestinal peristaltic motion by stimulating the proper production of gastric juice and bile thus reduces the risk of irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

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