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1.not arranged according to size
2.not categorized or sorted

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  • unsophisticated
  • unsolved
  • unsolvable
  • unsoluble
  • unsolicited
  • unsoldierly
  • unsolder
  • unsold
  • unsoiled
  • unsocial
  • unsought
  • unsound
  • unsoundable
  • unsounded
  • unsoundness
  • unsoured
  • unsown
  • unspaced
  • unsparing
  • unsparingly
  • taro plant
  • rhetoric
  • strepera
  • genus cinnamomum
  • pipeful
  • caprifig
  • oyster stew
  • male aristocrat
  • white tai
  • occluded front

  • Idiom of the Day

    feel at home
    to feel comfortable and relaxed (as if you were at your home)
    I always feel at home when I visit my friend.

    The reason why I feel so ________ today is because it's my birthday and no-one has sent me any cards.

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    It represents a necessary experience that forces you to get out of your comfort zone and to grow beyond your present level. you will come to realise that your true security and strength lies within yourself, and not in some false belief system or artificially-created world. Following a Tower experience, you can rest assured that you will grow stronger, wiser and more serene as you begin to develop a completely new perspective on life that you did not even know existed. These moments in time are necessary for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Truth and honesty will bring about a positive change.

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