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1.expressed without speech
2.not made explicit

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  • unspoilt
  • unspoiled
  • unspent
  • unspell
  • unspectacular
  • unspecified
  • unspecific
  • unspecialized
  • unspecialised
  • unspeakably
  • unspoken accusation
  • unsporting
  • unsportingly
  • unsportsmanlike
  • unspotted
  • unstable
  • unstableness
  • unstaged
  • unstained
  • unstaple
  • bore-hole
  • sanitation
  • rhododendron californicum
  • anglo-norman
  • copying
  • tv reporter
  • family argonautidae
  • cid
  • fag out
  • uruguayan peso

  • Idiom of the Day

    take after (someone)
    to resemble or act like someone (usually a parent or relative)
    The boy is tall and handsome like his father and takes after him in many other ways as well.

    ________ many people think the way I do.

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  • Forever Young Naturally Eating

    Beating Cravings Changing habits

    To banish something from your diet, ban it from the house. You canít eat what isnít there. Enlist your family in your campaign to cut back on cookies and chips by removing those foods from family meals and snack times. Go to the supermarket without the kids to avoid pester power. If it helps to take things slowly, banish problem foods from your home, but not entirely from your life yet by eating them only at friendsí homes or in restaurants.

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