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1.not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training

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  • untraditional
  • untracked
  • untraceable
  • untoward
  • untoughened
  • untouched
  • untouchable
  • untoothed
  • untold
  • untoasted
  • untrammeled
  • untrammelled
  • untransferable
  • untranslatable
  • untransmutable
  • untraveled
  • untravelled
  • untraversable
  • untraversed
  • untreated
  • genus zerumbet
  • platonic solid
  • presbytes
  • capone
  • triglochin maritima
  • head sea
  • ramose
  • professionalization
  • greene
  • proudhon

  • Idiom of the Day

    long face
    a sad look, a disappointed look
    Our boss had a long face when he came into work this morning.

    He ________ in the same job for twenty years.

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