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1.not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training

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  • untraditional
  • untracked
  • untraceable
  • untoward
  • untoughened
  • untouched
  • untouchable
  • untoothed
  • untold
  • untoasted
  • untrammeled
  • untrammelled
  • untransferable
  • untranslatable
  • untransmutable
  • untraveled
  • untravelled
  • untraversable
  • untraversed
  • untreated
  • buck up
  • strawberry shrub
  • sleepyheaded
  • sufferance
  • toller
  • rubus odoratus
  • nothofagus cuninghamii
  • fireguard
  • miraculous
  • rima vulvae

  • Idiom of the Day

    give it to (someone) straight
    to tell something to someone directly
    My boss gave it to me straight about my chance to get a promotion.

    Thank you very much indeed, that's very kind ________ you.

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  • Tips to get ready for Study Abroad

    Choose carefully Make sure the program is a good match for your son or daughter s academic and personal goals

    Ask the right questions. How does this study abroad or exchange program enhance your son or daughters education and know how? What kind of enrichment will it provide? Is it a good fit academically, socially and otherwise? Are there other programs that would be a better fit? Just because a high school or college sponsors something does not mean the program connects to what your student needs in terms of global experience.

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