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1.a transmission from Earth to a spacecraft or the path of such a transmission

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  • uplifting
  • uplifted
  • uplift
  • upland white aster
  • upland sandpiper
  • upland plover
  • upland cotton
  • upland
  • upkeep
  • upjohn
  • upload
  • upmarket
  • upmost
  • upon one's guard
  • upper
  • upper avon
  • upper avon river
  • upper balcony
  • upper berth
  • upper bound
  • bibliotics
  • bottomlessness
  • get well
  • cardoon
  • sentimentalise
  • mucoid
  • eysenck personality inventory
  • printing press
  • england
  • order musales

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the market
    available for sale
    I have seen many good cameras on the market recently.

    The teacher asked her students to do their ________ .

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  • Benefits of Kumquat fruit

    Kumquats lower triglycerides

    Kumquats lower cholesterol and triglycerides too, and help with diabetes and improve respiratory system function. fresh fruits contain adequate levels of some of the anti oxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E. Altogether these phyto chemical compounds in kumquat fruit help scavenge harmful oxygen derived free radicals from the body and thereby protect us from cancers, diabetes, degenerative diseases and infections.

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