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1.a transmission from Earth to a spacecraft or the path of such a transmission

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  • uplifting
  • uplifted
  • uplift
  • upland white aster
  • upland sandpiper
  • upland plover
  • upland cotton
  • upland
  • upkeep
  • upjohn
  • upload
  • upmarket
  • upmost
  • upon one's guard
  • upper
  • upper avon
  • upper avon river
  • upper balcony
  • upper berth
  • upper bound
  • purvey
  • sorb apple tree
  • karnataka
  • buffalo fish
  • oxime
  • villahermosa
  • belike
  • tile cutter
  • quilted
  • unadaptable

  • Idiom of the Day

    join hands
    to hold hands with other people
    Everybody in the group joined hands at the end of the meeting.

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  • Ways Your Office Job is Literally Killing You

    Regularly eating fast food for lunch will increase your risk of heart disease

    Most office folk go out for an unhealthy lunch once in a while some more than others but even the occasional indulgence has negative effects. A portion of fast food usually has around double the calories to another similar food of the same size and they have a lot of oxidized fat which increases the risk of heart disease.

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