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1.transfer a file or program to a central computer from a smaller computer or a computer at a remote location

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  • uplink
  • uplifting
  • uplifted
  • uplift
  • upland white aster
  • upland sandpiper
  • upland plover
  • upland cotton
  • upland
  • upkeep
  • upmarket
  • upmost
  • upon one's guard
  • upper
  • upper avon
  • upper avon river
  • upper balcony
  • upper berth
  • upper bound
  • upper cannon
  • genus hydromantes
  • pannier
  • devaluate
  • registration number
  • serinus
  • practice of medicine
  • take stock
  • ipsus
  • unimodal
  • exclusive

  • Idiom of the Day

    trouble (someone) to (do something)
    to ask someone to do something
    I had to trouble my neighbor to look after my dog again last week.

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  • What to Eat in Dadra and Nagar Haveli

    Methi na Gota

    At this time of winter, it is pleasure to have hot Methi gota with a fried chili and cup of tea. It is very popular snack from Gujarat. You will find these methi pakoda in every shop which sells snacks aka Farsan in Gujarat. Apart from winter, it tastes best in monsoon. When its raining, you will see a big crowd at stalls.methi na gota or methi pakora is a gujarati deep fried snack. basically these are fritters made with besan/gram flour and fenugreek leaves. they are usually served as a snack during tea time.i have had methi na gota many times while living in mumbai. whenever we would buy mix pakora platter from the gujarati snack shops, they would also add methi na gota in the pakora mix. the texture used to be so soft and spongy, unlike the onion pakora or aloo pakora that used to be there in the platter

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