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1.United States landscape architect (born in England) who designed Central Park (1824-1895)

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  • vauntingly
  • vaunter
  • vaunt
  • vaulting horse
  • vaulting
  • vaulter
  • vaulted
  • vault of heaven
  • vault
  • vaughan williams
  • vayu
  • vcr
  • vdu
  • veadar
  • veal
  • veal cordon bleu
  • veal parmesan
  • veal parmigiana
  • veal roast
  • veal scallopini
  • herbert
  • pan-fry
  • personify
  • poke at
  • strafe
  • heat-releasing
  • distress signal
  • albert sabin
  • cytogenetical
  • freehand

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of one's mind/head/senses
    to be silly or crazy, to be not using common sense
    My friend was out of his mind to buy a new computer when he has no money.

    The ________ shop sold saddles, spurs and cowboy hats.

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  • Rules to play Paragliding


    Controls held in each of the pilots hands connect to the trailing edge of the left and right sides of the wing. These controls are called brakes and provide the primary and most general means of control in a paraglider. The brakes are used to adjust speed, to steer in addition to weight shift, and to flare during landing.

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