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1.United States landscape architect (born in England) who designed Central Park (1824-1895)

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  • vauntingly
  • vaunter
  • vaunt
  • vaulting horse
  • vaulting
  • vaulter
  • vaulted
  • vault of heaven
  • vault
  • vaughan williams
  • vayu
  • vcr
  • vdu
  • veadar
  • veal
  • veal cordon bleu
  • veal parmesan
  • veal parmigiana
  • veal roast
  • veal scallopini
  • act superior
  • papier-mache
  • genus acrostichum
  • republic of colombia
  • advisee
  • brown bat
  • witch's brew
  • superiority complex
  • battleful
  • never-never land

  • Idiom of the Day

    in exchange for (someone or something)
    in return for someone or something
    I received the camera in exchange for several discount coupons.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    Our sales manager (scolded me) for my poor sales record.

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  • Top Players in MLB History

    Rickey Henderson

    Rickey Henderson was one of the greatest athletes to ever play in MLB. Blessed with blazing speed, Henderson is the MLB career leader in stolen bases, (1,406), runs scored (2,295), walks (2,129) and lead off home runs (81). He also has the MLB single season record for stolen bases with 130 in 1982. Henderson is the most dynamic base runner and lead off hitter of all time.

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