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velvet worm

1.any of numerous velvety-skinned wormlike carnivorous animals common in tropical forests having characteristics of both arthropods and annelid worms

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  • Idiom of the Day

    bore (someone) to death
    to bore someone very much
    The movie bored me to death.

    Mike: 'They haven't sent me the bill for a year now. What would you do?' Jane:________

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  • Finishing Moves In WWE

    Sasha Banks Bank Statement

    The Boss is higher up on the list for creatively combining an impact move with a logical submission. First, she drives her knees into her challengers back, also known as a Backstabber, flipping her opponent over, and applying a bridging Crossface. This basically applies massive pressure on the injured back.
    The move has helped Sasha win the NXT Womens Championship, and most likely will get her the Divas Championship down the road.

    Chourishi Systems