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verbascum lychnitis

1.densely hairy Eurasian herb with racemose white flowers

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  • verbascum
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  • verbalizer
  • verbalized
  • verbalize
  • verbalization
  • verbaliser
  • verbalised
  • verbalise
  • verbascum phoeniceum
  • verbascum thapsus
  • verbatim
  • verbena
  • verbena family
  • verbenaceae
  • verbesina
  • verbesina alternifolia
  • verbesina encelioides
  • verbesina helianthoides
  • big toe
  • round shot
  • shoe industry
  • cosmic time
  • fellata
  • beta test
  • basic principle
  • drug
  • vapour bath
  • university of paris

  • Idiom of the Day

    pull a gun/knife on (someone)
    to bring out a gun or knife quickly so that you can use it against someone
    The robber pulled a knife on the woman in the street.

    As she was on a very dangerous mission for the government she had to keep ________ about what she did for a living.

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  • Rules to play Kayaking

    Sht Clck

    A sht clck was recently intrduced t speed up the game. The attacking team have 60 secnds t have a sht n the gal r they lse pssessin. The sht clck is reset when the ball is intercepted by the ppsing team r the attacking team lses pssessin. The sht clck is a recent additin t the rules and due t its expense and cmplexity f the equipment needed is nt used universally.

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