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verbascum lychnitis

1.densely hairy Eurasian herb with racemose white flowers

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  • verbascum blattaria
  • verbascum
  • verbally
  • verbalizer
  • verbalized
  • verbalize
  • verbalization
  • verbaliser
  • verbalised
  • verbalise
  • verbascum phoeniceum
  • verbascum thapsus
  • verbatim
  • verbena
  • verbena family
  • verbenaceae
  • verbesina
  • verbesina alternifolia
  • verbesina encelioides
  • verbesina helianthoides
  • pretended
  • fumble
  • cycnoches
  • stanton
  • dishonorable
  • insufficiency
  • illegitimate child
  • lour
  • containership
  • reclining

  • Idiom of the Day

    until the cows come home
    until very late
    It is my birthday today and I plan to party until the cows come home tonight.

    Were you to fail, what ________?

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  • Most Amazing Tree Tunnels

    Wisteria Tunnel Japan

    This stunning flower walkway is the known as the Wisteria Tunnel, situated in the Kawachi Fuji Garden. It really looks so peaceful to take a stroll through. The Wisteria Tunnel, which is part of a breathtaking display of botanical delights that include zen gardens and a cherry blossom festival, is located at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu. Different types and colors of wisteria have been woven through a cylindrical lattice that during the blooming months of April through May, become a fantastical flower draped tunnel during the yearly fuji matsuri, or Wisteria Festival.

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